Lead Paint Testing 

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Some older homes in Canada may have lead-based paint on the walls. Removing, repairing or disturbing this paint through normal wear-and-tear (such as paint on doors, windows, stairs and railings) can expose you and your children to serious health risks: lead poisoning can cause anaemia (a deficiency of red blood cells) as well as brain and nervous system damage. The risk is greatest for children because they are growing and absorb lead easily. Even small amounts of dust with lead are dangerous to infants and children. Unborn children are also at risk if the mother-to-be consumes lead. Currently there is no known safe level of lead exposure. Very high levels of lead poisoning can even prove to be fatal.


Don't start a renovation or remodel without testing first!

How can I tell if I have Lead Paint?

The first clue is the specific age of the house. If it was built in 1979 and later, there should be no lead paint in it at all. Homes built between 1960 and 1978 may have low levels of lead in the paint, and those built before 1960 often have large amounts if the original paint is still in place. 

Is Lead Paint dangerous?

Exposure to lead-based paint usually occurs from ingestion. Lead-based paint does not present a health hazard as long as the paint is not chipping, flaking, crushed or sanded into dust. Low levels of exposure to lead can cause health effects such as learning disabilities and behavioural problems in children. High levels of exposure to lead may cause lead poisoning and other issues such as anemia and impaired brain and nervous system functions. Currently there is no known safe level of lead exposure and no known safe blood lead concentration. However, as lead exposure increases, the range and severity of symptoms and effects also increases. While the public’s exposure to lead has decreased over the years, lead can still be a problem. It is important to be aware of lead sources so you can minimize your health risks.

Should I be getting my house tested?

The safest way to continue with your project know for sure is have the professionals at Maxjet test for it. It’s very important not to disturb Lead Paint. The chief danger is the dust generated from cutting, sanding, or scraping the paint. Lead paint can be encapsulated or painted over as long as it isn’t disturbed in those ways.


If you're worried there may be Lad Paint in your home, we're happy to give you some advice. All you need to do is provide us with some details about your upcoming project.

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